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Local Celeb. - Nico Panagio 28.04.2010

Bernie Fingman (Discovery TV)

The atmosphere in the house is warm and welcoming. The breakfast is rich, delicious and prepared with love from the lady of the house, Jeanetta herself. The other stuff members are friendly. The house is very clean, especially the rooms with lovely white cotton sheets. The garden is so relaxing and I enjoyed spending my afternoons there by the wonderful pool. I really could relax and got a lot of extras, like fresh fruits, biscuits a cup of hot chocolate and nice talks whenever I wanted it. Mahen and me loved to sit on the terrace enjoying a glass of wine, just the 2 of us and the birds in the background. I'll always come back to the guesthouse when I'm in Joburg as Jeanetta creates that very special atmosphere that makes you feel home from home. - Love Nicole

Thank you for your Hospitality, Bedford View Guest House is these days my first choice when I need to travel to the City. Being from the Karoo I never felt more at home, it is like being at home. You and your staff are always friendly and make the stay and good experience. The Guest house has a nice and quiet feel to it and ideal do some work and studies, this is often not possible at other accommodation. Ill most certainly will make use of it again in the near future. - Regards Pieter, Northern Cape.

History of Bedfordview

In 1853, the farm “Elands Vontyn” was inspected and remained the property of the government until it was granted to GPL van der Linden on the 17th June 1867. The farm remained in the family for a number of years although it was subdivided.

The discovery of gold in the Transvaal held great things in store for the farm Elandsfontein. On 23rd May 1888 the whole farm was now in the hands of the Gold Mining Companies. The farm was used for mining purposes for many years. However, some of the land was de-proclaimed and became available for farmland. The de-proclaimed areas were leased for agricultural and grazing purposes.

The cavalry camp was based on the Elandsfontein farm which existed between 1899–1902. It is also held that the British Soldiers planted the oak trees along Van Buuren Road.

When the Union of South Africa was formed it was propagated that land should be made available for the settlement of mining or industrial employees in the Witwatersrand. This actually happened in 1912.

Eventually, in 1916, it was resolved, and the first 29 plots were sold. However, transfers from Geldenhuis Deep Limited was signed by the Minister of Lands on 21st February 1922, although, the land could only be used for agriculture and not for the purpose of constituting of township.

On 13th September 1945, after all formalities had been disposed of, it was granted that the Bedfordview Township was established. The necessary endorsement was made by the Register of Deeds on 25th October 1946.